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Grannies Panties: a thrift store

In Shop-ify on March 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Everyone knows that shopping is therapeutic. But, to me, THRIFT shopping is way more stress-relieving. You do not have to feel guilty about spending lots of moo-la!  At 2926 Guess Road in Durham, NC is one of those amazing thrift stores where you look at the price tag and are pleasantly surprised. This stuff is definitely priced to move! The two story house is packed with some seriously cool-weird stuff. It is like a treasure hunt in there. And the name is hysterical: Everything but… Grannies Panties (which I think is grammatically incorrect, but who cares?) Like most inexpensive thrift stores, their website needs updating (but, who cares?) Thrift Circus just loves to score with well priced junk!

Vicious Kitty guards the store

One of the many rooms full of stuffs!

You can exit that door to browse the backyard.


Thrift Circus goes on the road!

In Funky Sh*t on October 30, 2009 at 3:31 pm

I needed a vacation. What better place than Columbia, SC? Ok, so I have a super-duper pregnant cousin there that I wanted to visit. Fortunately, Columbia has the saddest looking thrift stores with the best selections for the cheapest prices. My very accommodating cousin, Faith, drove me and my sister around to thrift stores all day and let me shop and shop. Here are some of the creepy looking stores we pillaged and what we found: