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Thrift Store Finds…

In Finds, Funky Sh*t on October 14, 2009 at 3:37 pm

The recession has done odd things to my thrift stores. A lot of them have upped their prices to the point of being laughable because their business has jumped. Most of these stores are non-profit so I try not to complain. But still…

Anyway, I found these cute thingymabloppies today for less than 50 cents apiece. I love them. Look at the detail on the red tray. Aminals!! I mean, Animals!!



In Finds, Funky Sh*t on October 14, 2009 at 12:34 am

What you see before you ladies and gentlemen, cost less that 8 dollars…excluding the books. And all of it came from the Thrift Circus!!

Cross Stitch- 15 cents

Wooden Plaque- 20 cents

Shelf- 11 cents

Glass Vase- 25 cents

Cat Tails- Gift (thanks Kelly)

Owl Picture- Gift (thanks Mary)

Ear- 75 cents

Desk thingy- 5 bucks

Chair- Stolen (thanks Mom)

Pillow- Made out of old shirt

Giant Clothespin- 80 cents

Equals= $7.26