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Things I found (at the thrift store)

Rarely do I find a guy that is a serious thrifter, much less, one who has great taste and a fantastic blog!

Jewelry Whore

If you called Jade a jewelry whore she would take it as a compliment.  She is devoted to unearthing the latest trends in jewelry while finding pieces that are accessible to all of us.

When Bess Attacks

Bess designs wonderful websites, posters and dresses.  Read about her travels through Asia as it happens. Plus, she is a rad friend!


A site devoted to the future of design, tracking innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Design Sponge Online

A daily website dedicated to home and product design. That being said, they are what I aspire to be (kinda).

Poopscape Projects

Self billed as “Crafty tutorials for crafty folk”, this lady has a dark edge to her crafting.


A diverse blog that always post well designed stuff for your home, body, and eyes.

The Neatery

A neat site. I would probably like this person.

Weird Thrift Shop Finds

A blog devoted to bizarre thrift shop finds.


Fresh finds for hip spaces.

Sticks and Bricks

A blog written by a carpenter ant.

Hello Victory

A blog similar to mine. She also has a great Etsy store.

Roulette Vintage

Fun vintage shop in Carrborro, NC. Check out their Etsy shop.

My House Party

Tiny houses that are home to tiny air plants. Love it.




Just a cool mag that I like to flip through. It focuses more on architecture, but I like keeping up-to-date on what is happening in that field. I mean, as up-to-date as a non-architect can be.

Interior Design Magazine

Love the website because the magazine is a bit pricey for Ol’ ThriftyBritches here.

House Beautiful

A magazine that I can afford and actually have a subscription to. I like their layout and the big, vivid pictures that grace their pages.

Elle Decor

You know…it is Elle.

Do It Yourself

I buy this mag every quarter. It has great ideas that are actually do-able!



Thrift Circus’ Esty Shop

The things I find and re-purposed ready to be re-purchased!


Their slogan is “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade” and that pretty much sums it up. I can spend hours perusing all the different categories.

Edge of Urge

Jessie is a beautiful person who makes beautiful things out of her beautiful store. ‘Nuf said.

Blik Surface Graphics

Cool vinyl graphics to stick on anything with a surface.  You can create you own custom graphics or buy designs from Charles & Ray Eames, Keith Haring, Veer, SCAD, Threadless, Nintendo, and many more…

Branch Home

Environmentally minded home decor.  Beautiful and sustainable products for your home.


Mio Culture

More sustainable living.  Check out the biodegradable PaperForm acoustic wall paper.  Smart, functional, and attractive.

Nora Jane

Funky ink stamps.

Inhabit Living

Wife and husband design team who want us to surround ourselves with stuff we love.


Design Public

Fortunately, they have an “on sale” link. Great home stuff.


They have some of the coolest fabric available, but it comes with a price, a high price.  Worth a look to get some ideas, or possibly to check the clearance bin.

Curiosity Shoppe

Neat-o stuff to purchase or just get a laugh out of.

Sew Mama Sew!

Buy unique  fabrics or check out their tutorials. They are really great!

JCaroline Creative

This is where I like to buy fabrics that no one else will have. Plus, their tutorials are super fun and easy to follow.



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