Are you there Spring? It’s me, Thrift Circus.

In Funky Sh*t on March 4, 2010 at 1:59 pm

These dreary-gray-bleak-cold-mean days of winter are getting to me. If spring does not show up soon I may have to fire Mother Nature and hire Mr. Deity to take her place. I have started a new spring project to brighten my mood and noticed that Spring has done the same thing. I am creating a curtain for our office and Spring is creating some flowers for our yard. How nice of her! I will post a part two and show you the finished curtain and flowers as soon as they bloom.

Bright fabric from jcaroline creative!

I love these kinda unearthly flowers.

Look what I discovered in my yard!

What will they be? Tulips?


  1. Tulips I think! Like the curtains, very purdy

  2. how did the curtains turn out? i think tulips too, or maybe thats what i’m hopin’ for…..your blog is a breath of fresh air Staonnie, clean, crisp, smoke-free, warm, spring air

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