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Roulette Vintage: a store

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I rarely write about clothing stores, but thrift is While ambling around Carrboro, NC I stepped into a delightful store by the name of Roulette Vintage. Their goal is simple: to painstakingly pick vintage goods and make them available to us so that we do not have to go to the scary mall. The owners, Kara LaFleur and Rebecca Moore, have created an earnest little place to find vintage clothing, accessories and all types of neat stuff made by local designers. You can check out their blog HERE. Their Etsy shop HERE. And their website HERE. Or just stop by the store at 118 1/2 East Main Street, Carrboro, NC. They are very welcoming!

Look for this sign.

An example of Roulette’s vintage.

This nice lady greeted us at the door.


Are you there Spring? It’s me, Thrift Circus.

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These dreary-gray-bleak-cold-mean days of winter are getting to me. If spring does not show up soon I may have to fire Mother Nature and hire Mr. Deity to take her place. I have started a new spring project to brighten my mood and noticed that Spring has done the same thing. I am creating a curtain for our office and Spring is creating some flowers for our yard. How nice of her! I will post a part two and show you the finished curtain and flowers as soon as they bloom.

Bright fabric from jcaroline creative!

I love these kinda unearthly flowers.

Look what I discovered in my yard!

What will they be? Tulips?


My House Party: a blog and store

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I had a great day yesterday. One of the great things that happened was that I found this fabulous blog called My House Party. It is a wife and husband team based in Portland. They have combined their considerable skills to create these tiny little houses and then they fill them with these crazy “air plants”. Now, I have heard of said air plants but have never owned one and cannot wait to order some from them. If you want more info on “Air Plants” click HERE. One of the reasons that Thrift Circus is so crazy over My House Party right now is that they have an “oops sale” at this time (buy a house, get a plant). Browse their greenhouse HERE.

Umm, rad.

Grannies Panties: a thrift store

In Shop-ify on March 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Everyone knows that shopping is therapeutic. But, to me, THRIFT shopping is way more stress-relieving. You do not have to feel guilty about spending lots of moo-la!  At 2926 Guess Road in Durham, NC is one of those amazing thrift stores where you look at the price tag and are pleasantly surprised. This stuff is definitely priced to move! The two story house is packed with some seriously cool-weird stuff. It is like a treasure hunt in there. And the name is hysterical: Everything but… Grannies Panties (which I think is grammatically incorrect, but who cares?) Like most inexpensive thrift stores, their website needs updating (but, who cares?) Thrift Circus just loves to score with well priced junk!

Vicious Kitty guards the store

One of the many rooms full of stuffs!

You can exit that door to browse the backyard.

Country in the City: Maple View Farm

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I find a lot of fun stuff within the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas that I would expect to find in a more rural area. I mean, this is still North Carolina, so everything is basically country. I recently visited Maple View Farm and Country Store. It is technically in it’s winter hours right now…but there is never a bad time for ice cream. The farm is a Holstein dairy farm where they produce fresh milk, butter, cheese and ice cream. Check out the Ice Cream Store HERE. And the site for their Agricultural Center HERE. The Ag Center offers hands-on labs, birthday parties, hayrides and oddly…yoga. It is a really neat place.

Trade in your glass bottles for fresh milk!

Rockers looking out over the farm.

Handmade Smell Goods

Hay Ride Trail

Plenty of room for a dog (Lily-Pig) to run.