Food: Midnight Cupcake Party

In Food on February 22, 2010 at 8:14 pm

My two sisters and a cousin came to visit my roommate and me for the weekend. Friday night, around midnight, we came up with the logical decision to make cupcakes. Inspiration came from the fact that we had two giant tubs of Nutella in the pantry. More inspiration came from a dandy little blog called Meet Me in the Kitchen. We decided on the Vanilla-Nutella Swirl Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream. Recipe Here! The cupcakes turned out delicious, but the real surprise was how much fun the five of us had making them. The poor kitchen was a mess, and we were covered in flour, sugar and Nutella by the end, but the warm and fuzzy feelings generated by those hours of fun are still lingering. For a rollicking good time and tons of laughing…make these cupcakes with someone you love!

You will need this stuff and more.

Our expert egg-cracker.

The Fun-Director

A fine time with spray oil.

Our official Taste-Tester.

My blender is bigger than your blender.

Oh, I had gone to the woodpile earlier and decided I liked the look of the flashlight headpiece and kept it on.

Much fighting over licking the bowls.

Camera Woman Mary

Bulldogs can cook.

A third of the cupcakes were Nutella Swirl, a third had chocolate chips and the rest had fresh strawberries baked inside. We then topped them with Nutella buttercream and fresh, organic whipped cream, but we ate them too fast for the camera to capture! Sorry.

  1. Well thats just nice Stacey! We did lika them cupa cakes!

  2. YAY!! Thanks Stace!! I loved reminiscing about our fun cupcake-venture, wish i had one now! LOL! i think Lily gets the super cute prize for best pic….

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