Father and Son – a store

In Shop-ify on February 18, 2010 at 7:47 pm

At 107 West Hargett Street, downtown Raleigh, NC, there is a store that I walked into and almost immediately… walked out. Not because I hated it, but because I loved it too much. Father and Son Antiques is home to Second Floor Vintage and Southern Swank. Just walking up to the window got me giddy. This place has 3 stories and a basement holding some of the coolest mid-century junk I have ever seen in one place. I had to leave because I will need several hours to peruse the entire 10,000 square feet, and I was pressed for time. I was going to lunch with a friend to Sitti at 137 South Wilmington Street to have some Lebanese food (It was delicious by the way. So go there). So, I am planning a day to go and look and look and look. There is sooooo much stuff that is right up ThriftCircus’ alley and the prices are not yardsale-esque, but they are reasonable. They have a website and shop on the way, but I suggest setting aside a few hours with your best friend and making a day of it. I will post again after I have my shopping day bananarama!

These pictures only show a teensy bit of what they actually have!

First Floor front

Somewhere deep in the interior

Vintage clothing and art upstairs

Yep, they have vintage vinyl!

  1. I would like to go there…

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