Friday’s Friend Find

In Friend Find on November 13, 2009 at 4:14 pm

There are quite a few deals to be had in the northern area of downtown Wilmington, NC. One such deal was snatched up by my friend, Brenden, in 2006. After stealing this house he had a daunting task ahead. Fortunately, he had tons of talent to turn it around.





Here is what Brenden had to say about his experience:

I knew I could to turn the look and feel of my home into something you would see in my native Southern California.  After a total renovation on the inside, and the draining of my bank account, I had hardly any money left for the outside.  Craigslist, yard sales, Habitat for Humanity and curbside give aways helped me, and my shoe string budget, put a new face on my home. I used four colors of paint from Lowes Hardware and am still thinking about adding some yellow shutters.  The wicker furniture I picked up from Habitat and Craigslist for close to nothing and spray painted them. The tall grasses I got from a friend who was re-landscaping his lawn and some came from Habitat. The front door also came from Habitat while the address number and door knob I purchased on-line for a fraction of the cost for what they were asking in the stores. The flower boxes were purchased from Big Lots for about 6 bucks each and the terracotta pots, bird house and metal wind catcher was given to me by my brother, who was moving. The brick border for the flower bed was from the fireplace of a historic cottage that had fallen down. With permission from the owners and a few truck loads of brick-hauling I had some great quality bricks for free!  The palms were a gift from my mother and a reminder of my childhood home. I am still on a budget, so I add whenever I have a few bucks. Ever a work in progress is the gravel driveway that will eventually thin out to become a pathway to my back yard where I hope to build a fence of wood posts and square wire with climbing jasmine and other drought resistant plants.

  1. Hi Brendon, Colin sent me your creative reduce, reuse, and recycle renovation on your house. You have done a great job! It is inspiring. I hope to see you at this way now that Colin is in El Rito and looking to purchase a Church built on the property that your grandma dougherty grew up on. Almost 100 years later, hard to believe!! hyda

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