AFTER: Super Simple Mirror

In after, Finds on September 24, 2009 at 3:00 am

Here is that dumpster mirror that I rescued. I have decided to keep it plain green for now and just glare at it for a while to see if more inspiration hits. If anyone has any input I would love to hear from ya. I am considering a portion of a stencil design in stark white all the way around the frame to give it some texture. It is looking a little flat to me.  I also still have to replace the backing of nappy cardboard that I ripped off of the rear of the frame. I would love to find something pretty even though no-one will be able to see it after it is hung. Maybe a fabric? That would also protect the wall while it is hanging. Hmmm.

PS. Thanks Jade.

  1. go with white. it would be a great contrast.

    for the backing, wrapping fabric over some cardboard or other stiff cheap stuff will reinforce the frame AND make it pretty.

    btw, i love this. so much. thank you for doing it.

    • i am an overcommenter.

      at home depot there is a compressed particle board that they will cut for you that would probably work better in the sweaty south than cardboard would. i am a fan. i use it to reinforce wobbly bookshelves and other unsteady things.

      • I took your advice and used the fabric and went with a piece of Teflon covered vintage that I had hanging out in my fabric box. (I will post a pic soon) I will check out that compressed particle board. Sounds like I could use that alllll the time. Keep commenting Alisa, it keeps me motivated!!

  2. Woohoo! I was hoping you got the text! The mirror looks super-fab. 😉
    PS – Did you see this?
    You are ahead of your time! Dunno if you read D*sponge, but it’s pretty much the online design style bible. Luv it.

  3. Love the site Jade. Thanks for all the great hints!!

  4. what if you did a stencil using a gloss varnish?

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