Junk in the Trunk

In Finds, Funky Sh*t on September 22, 2009 at 12:06 pm

model11There is something of interest in my trunk.

Look what I found at a yard sale amid Batman paraphernalia, cross-stitching books and workout equipment: this little pink gem of a sewing machine. I have not plugged it in yet, but the freckled lady who sold it to me said it worked. This 5,000 pound relic is pristine in appearance and has the original manual with it. I cannot find a date on it except for a JA47 stamped into the side. Does this mean January of 1947? My bf found a vague reference to the Sears Kenmore model 11 sewing machine online and it was dated 1948. If anyone knows anything about this I would love for you to contact me. Until then, let’s go see if it works.

  1. I have machine but need a manual,is their any way to obtain a copy of yours? Thanks in advance. (my is a JA47 deluxe sewing machine)

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