Howdy and Welcome.

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2009 at 11:40 pm

This is my first post and the first time I’ve written anything in an elephant’s age. So, here goes nothing.

I talk to girlfriends all the time who are obsessed with watching home makeover shows and flipping through home decor magazines. I, myself am totally susceptible to the rows of colorful mags lining the way to the checkout stand in the grocery store. They call to me. And I answer with $5 to $10. Unfortunately, I spend all of my hard earned cash and lots of time on the process of dreaming and rarely doing. But that stops here. This blog is to motivate me to start putting what I’ve learned while sitting on my ass to good use. From now on, Saturday mornings are dedicated to yard-sales while weekday mornings are for thrift-ing and digging through junk I find on the side of the road (Real job at night). The remainder of my time will be spent recreating what I’ve reclaimed. And then I shall show you what others have tossed and I have found. In the meantime, I’ll report on the eclectic folks that always seem to accompany used furnishings. Wish me luck as I enter the Thrift Circus.

  1. Wow. There’s a lot to be done here Ms Mac. Good Luck. Hope to see lots of good stuff.

  2. How exciting! You should come rumble through my garage:)

  3. I am a big “garage-rumbler”. I would love to rumble yours.

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