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What is happening

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BirfdayMy birthday was Tuesday and I took the day off from blogging, but I am back now. (Thanks to all my friends and family for coming out and helping me celebrate!)

In my foray into the wide world of thrift/recycling/beautiful-things I come across fun sites displaying unbelievable talent, and now I would like to share them with you. My “links and resources” page will be updated continuously with blogs, shopping and websites that I find helpful, inspiring or interesting.  Come one come all to see the sites!


AFTER: Shelf Headboard

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close-up headboard

I thought about titling this post “Headboard Hell”. The end result was worth it, but dang… First, I put my palm sander to it, but I could not really get into the corners very well. Then, I primed all of it except the back and the legs (both of these will be hidden). Next, I painted it a semi-gloss white. And again. And again. Then, I cut four birds out of contact paper along with a thin strip of painter’s tape. I put these on the backboard to look like birds on a power line. Then I painted over them with high gloss black. When I removed the contact paper and tape…

The white flaked and the black bled but after touch up after touch up I think it is ready for the reveal. Ta Da!!

After shelf

Before: Shelf Headboard

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Found this headboard with built-in shelves at the Salvation Army. It is dark brown but the wood is real and I actually like the shape. As usual it is covered in that thick layer of polyerathane that people seem to have loved in the late 70s and early 80s. Sand, sand and sand some more.

Now remember, I do not have the money to run to the hardware store and buy whatever I need to refinish my finds, so I use what I have and right now what I have is white paint…

Priming the shelf headboard.

I like this Magazine…

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This is one of the magz that I get ideas from.october-09-cover-image

Big Ol’ Clothespin

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In the very back left or right corner of any store you will find the discount items. I (being a thriftwhore) always make my way to these mysterious corners. I was in AC Moore today and found an oddball item: the giant clothespin. I bought that sucka for a whopping 80 cents.  Now I have to figure out what to do with it. The website on the bottom of this oddity led me to what I would refer to as “Granny Crafts” and, though they are fine for some situations I just cannot make a foam frog. What do I do?

Do I:

Make cutsie baby gifts for EVERYONE who is popping them out? Click Here

Make a LED lamp? Click Here

Make Insulting-Chip-Bag-Clips? Click Here

UPDATE: Super Simple Mirror

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Mirror BackI wrapped that fugly cardboard that was backing our mirror in a flowered Teflon fabric I had in my fabric box and stapled it back into place. Now it looks great from both sides and it protects the wall.

I am pleased.

AFTER: Teeny Shelf

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The shelf had some pretty heavy varnish all over it so I spent some tv watching/sanding time with it until it was scuffed enough to take primer. Then, I slapped on 2 coats of very, very white paint and lined the back of the shelves with a mod-looking paper. I like the final look! The question is: what now?? Does it hold mail or do I turn it into a charging station for phones, iPods, ect? Do I add hooks or maybe attach a sweet pencil holder to the top?

What???????????? Feel free to comment, comment, comment.

BEFORE: Teeny Shelf

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Lots of varnish!

Lots of varnish!

I stopped by a yardsale in the parking lot of the local Harley Davidson. Said location almost threw me off, but I ended up finding the most precious teeny shelf. And the cool thing is that the purchase price of $2 went to “Save the TaTas Foundation” to fight breast cancer. I like saving tatas!
Let us see what it wants me to do to it.

AFTER: Super Simple Mirror

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Here is that dumpster mirror that I rescued. I have decided to keep it plain green for now and just glare at it for a while to see if more inspiration hits. If anyone has any input I would love to hear from ya. I am considering a portion of a stencil design in stark white all the way around the frame to give it some texture. It is looking a little flat to me.  I also still have to replace the backing of nappy cardboard that I ripped off of the rear of the frame. I would love to find something pretty even though no-one will be able to see it after it is hung. Maybe a fabric? That would also protect the wall while it is hanging. Hmmm.

PS. Thanks Jade.

BEFORE: Super Simple Mirror

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I received word through a forwarded text that a friend of mine had found 2 mirrors behind the dumpster at her apartment complex. She told me to run pick them up. I jumped in Rhonda the Honda and had them in my possession within minutes. One was super simple and I tackled it first. A light sanding with my new palm sander, a coating of primer and a beautiful color of “Lovely Green” satin paint made it look just that, lovely.